Currently our clinics and surgical procedures take place at

Mater Private Hospital, Eccles St, Dublin 1 (Directions)

MyMedical Clinic at Cherrywood, Co. Dublin (Directions) (Block D, Cherrywood Business Park, Dublin 18, Ireland)

Spine Video Consultation


Tel  089 607 4862


(secure health mail compatible)

Mater Private OrthoSpine Centre Fax 01 882 2697

We take referrals from your Consultant, GP or Physiotherapist. They can do this by post/fax or email (we prefer email as we can get back to you faster).

Give us a ring if you are in doubt.



Your GP can refer you for an MRI scan. If you do not have an MRI, we can arrange this for you as you will most likely need this. The scan must be within 6 months of your referral.

Please bring the CD of the MRI scan to your appointment or make sure that you have the link to the website available on your mobile phone.


On arrival at your first consultation you will be asked by one of our administration team to fill out some demographic details to insure we have the most current contact details available for you and your GP/ Physiotherapist/ Consultant (arrive early!). This will allow us to update them on your progress – this is done with the patients’ prior permission. You may be also asked to fill out some assessment forms to assist in your treatment plans. 


Given the demand for appointments, we would strongly urge you to contact us as early as possible to cancel or postpone your appointment on 089 607 4862.