Mr. Derek Cawley’s Clinics – The Spine Academy – Clinic phone number 089 6074862.


Please send a G.P. referral or an MRI report referral to

Cost of Consultation?2023-10-06T05:31:12+00:00

It costs €250.00 for the first appointment or a Combined Appointment. All fees are payable by card or cash on the day of the appointment. Any further appointments are €150.00.

Private Health Insurance?2023-10-06T05:32:37+00:00

Yes, we advise all patients to check with their health insurer that they have cover in the Mater Private High-Tech Hospital in Dublin.

I don’t have health insurance. Can I book a consultation with Mr. Cawley?2023-10-10T10:23:45+00:00

If you don’t have health insurance Mr. Cawley will not be able to offer you treatment or surgery should you need it, as he only works in the private health system in the Mater Private Hospital. While I’m sure he could give you good advice and information you would have to pay another consultant another fee to seek treatment. Please ask your G.P. to refer you to the public system or to a consultant who works in the private and public health systems.

How soon ?2023-10-06T05:44:58+00:00

You would get an appointment within two to three weeks usually depending on the appointment type and clinic and/or your availability. Mr. Cawley likes to see patients as soon as possible.

How will you let me know I have an appointment?2023-10-06T05:45:47+00:00

We can discuss available dates for appointments and then we use text messages and emails to confirm appointments but can post an appointment letter if required.

Where are Mr. Cawley’s Clinics?2023-10-10T10:25:12+00:00

A: Orthopaedics & Spine Centre, Mater Private Network, St. Raphael’s House, 81-84 Upper Dorset Street, Dublin 1, D01 KX02

B: Mater Private Network, Cherrywood Business Park, Building 11, Loughlinstown, Co. Dublin, D18 DH50

What days do his clinics run?2023-10-10T10:28:20+00:00

1. Most Tuesday and Friday mornings, St. Raphael’s House, Dublin 1.

2. Wednesday afternoons at Cherrywood Business Park.

Does he give steroid/epidural Injections?2023-10-06T06:31:09+00:00

Yes, but only after a consultation and if it is the appropriate treatment.

Where are injections done?2023-10-06T06:30:49+00:00

In Day Therapy in the Mater Private Hospital, Eccles Street, Dublin 7.

What is the health insurance code for an injection?2023-10-06T06:23:08+00:00

Usually 5611.

What code can I use to check my health insurance cover?2023-10-06T06:36:57+00:00

You can use Code 5611 for Day case (outpatient treatment) and the Codes for a Decompression Procedure are as follows:

A. VHI 43002.

B. Irish Life 227002

C. Laya 5728

Waiting List for Surgery2023-10-06T06:38:58+00:00

Typically within 4 to 8 weeks or sooner in urgent cases.

Directions to St. Raphael’s House/Cherrywood?2023-10-06T06:40:10+00:00

The directions and Eircode are included in your appointment text message.

Parking near St. Raphael’s House?2023-10-06T06:41:25+00:00

Yes, there is some on pay-per-hour street parking. There is also a parking facility between the Mater Public Hospital and the Mater Private Hospital on Eccles Street Dublin 7.

Parking at the Mater Cherrywood?2023-10-06T06:42:19+00:00

Yes. There is underground parking at basement level two. The Mater Hospital Day Hospital is on the ground floor of Building 11.

Will I get treatment/an injection at my appointment?2023-10-06T06:43:01+00:00

The consultation is usually only a meeting for Mr. Cawley to assess a patient’s symptoms and perhaps to discuss possible treatment or surgery.

Appointment length?2023-10-06T06:45:13+00:00

A consultation will take approximately thirty minutes and a Combined Appointment will take approximately forty-five minutes. Please allow an hour and/or an hour and a half for parking in case of delays.

Can I bring someone with me?2023-10-06T06:46:28+00:00

Yes, a companion or family member are welcome to accompany you. Two sets of ears are better than one!

Do I have to wear a mask?2023-10-06T06:47:48+00:00

At the moment, masks are not mandatory but if you wish to wear a mask of course you can.

I have an MRI (or X-ray) disc should I bring it to my appointment?2023-10-06T06:48:39+00:00

Yes, please bring any discs or reports you have to your appointment. Please let us know in advance where your scan was done.